Aircraft Control Theory - Applied to Product Growth

exponential distribution and percentile error
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Gopar - The Golang Parser that Needs a Better Name

A while back I built a PEG (Parsing Expression Grammer) parser in golang. I wasn’t blogging at the time, so the idea slipped under the radar. Here’s a link to the codebase.

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A Sketch for a new Distribution Sketch

About three and a half years ago I came up with a clever trick for accurately approximating and tightly bounding a cumulative distribution in a rather small data structure. It’s high time that I blogged about it! In this post I’ll talk about the problem space, my technique, the potential benefits of my approach over other approaches, and ways to improve in the future.

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Build your own Skip List

The skip list is one of my favorite data structures.

  • It can be used to implement ordered lists or sets.
  • It is easy to understand.
  • It doesn’t require any complex re-balancing like some of the other ordered-list structures.
  • It’s fast. And all of the operations - insert, search, delete - are O(log n) on average.
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The Fundamental Problem of Search

It has gnawed on my subconscious for the past 5 years. Even as I wrote Relevant Search it was there at the back of my mind weighing me down - the fundamental problem of search. But only now has the problem taken shape so that I can even begin to describe it. Succinctly, here it is:

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