This is the first post of what I hope will be many posts to come. Being the first, I feel that it is import to lay out the themes that I intend to cover and the goals that I expect to achieve. However – having not the slightest idea of what I will do with this blog, or even if I’ll do anything with it at all, you’ll have to be satisfied with the pretentious sounding introductory material which you are currently reading.

Eventually, at some point in the distant future, right before I pen my memoirs, I will read through this blog and take a catalog of my journey as represented through my posts. From that, I will identify the major themes of my life and the achievements that I have made. And then, I will edit this introductory blog post and make it read as if that was my plan all along!

Ah but for now… who knows what I’ll write about. But if the past is any indicator it will involve a good dose of math and code, and If I’m feeling bold I might event toss in a little philosophy.

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